d6582e23-9995-4d76-8af2-cdf8cb497f2e This Sunday's Golden Globes mark the beginning of Award Season! As always, we're counting down the minutes to the ultimate Red Carpet Fashion Show, hanging with Tina and Amy, and the ultimate TV and Film Celebration--everyone drinks at this one! But before we cozy up on Sunday night to cheer on our favorites, we owe it to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to choose the winners--they need us. And thank you to the LA Times for the wonderful ballot and collage above. [polldaddy poll=7699644] [polldaddy poll=7699645] [polldaddy poll=7699651] [polldaddy poll=7699656] [polldaddy poll=7699658] [polldaddy poll=7699661] [polldaddy poll=7699668] [polldaddy poll=7699672]