timthumb Friends of our at the wonderful blog, Deuxmoi.com caught up with Heather on everything Yummie! See below for the beginning, and check out the rest here! And when you're done reading, you can read up on the SUSH (Stuff You Should Have!) "fans of the Real Housewives of New York City know Heather Thomson as one cheeky gal with a penchant for peppering her sentences with urban slang that give her maj street cred in nyc among uptown JAPS and downtown gangstas alike. now, die hard fans of Real Housewives of NYC know that underneath all the “hollas” and “motherf*ckers” (we couldn’t bring ourselves to write out the whole word…shocking, we know) is a woman whose family is A-numero uno in her heart and whose thriving fashion business is on her brain 24/7."