Olé! After you’ve had a chance to celebrate by shopping our sale on sale items*, let us help you continue to get your fiesta on, without racking up all of those annoying calories! Before the workday ends, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite low-calorie tequila inspired options that you won’t regret tomorrow... 1. Stick to ‘On the Rocks’ and save yourself from a lot of unnecessary sugar. 2. Eliminate any mixers or juice. This will also help to eliminate sugar. And If you're feeling adventurous, revisit your college days, and take a shot. Or simply order a tequila on the rocks and sip the night away. 3. Another tasty alternative to the traditional margarita - is tonic and tequila – and it’s just as tasty as the original! 4. Remember to space your drinks and make sure to fill up on a healthy meal before you head out for the evening. This will not only help avoid the hangover, but also limits the amount of excess calories. Looking for some other low-cal alternatives to order? We love these! *Reminder take an extra 25% all of our sale items until Monday!   The-Healthy-Margarita