In part 2 of Heather and LuAnn takeover BuzzFeed - they sat down to answer rapid fire questions. We pulled out the beginning below - but check the full list on BuzzFeed!

Red wine or white wine?

Heather: Both, honey! LuAnn: Red.

What’s the last album that you bought?

Heather: Oh, I just bought Coldplay’s album, I’m on a list to get it. LuAnn: I’m a Pandora kind of girl, but I did get Carole King, Beautiful. You’ve got to see that show.

What’s your favorite type of flower?

Heather: Hydrangeas and gardenias. LuAnn: I love gardenias.

Favorite website?

Heather: Yummielife.com! I work really hard to make it my favorite website. LuAnn: Hmm, my favorite website—Yummielife.com!