Throw away the concept of squeezing into too tight clothing; that’s not what shapewear for curvy women should be about! Instead, focus on smoothing your beautiful curves that make you who you are. Choosing shapewear is a diverse and personal experience – not one that should be cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. 

We’re here to help women celebrate their bodies of all sizes. Our philosophy is simple: every woman deserves to look and feel great. Flaunt your inner goddess by accentuating your figure in shapewear that fits. We’ll guide you through how to choose the best plus size shapewear below.


Choosing Plus Size Shapewear Based on Your Size

Shapewear sizing does not always correlate to clothing sizes, so be sure to consult the size chart on our website for each garment before making any purchases. You want your plus size shapewear to feel snug, but definitely not so tight that it is constricting. 

If you’re feeling like you can’t breathe, save yourself the discomfort and grab the next size up because it’s just not worth it! Buying a smaller size will likely defeat the purpose by creating unwanted bulges at the edges of the garment. A flattering fit is far more important than the size on the tag should ever be. 

Body Shape Should Affect Your Choice

When considering the fit of shapewear for curvy women, take into account the part of the body that you want to highlight. Is the shapewear designed to accentuate your fabulous bum? Our Cleo InShapes High Waist Shaping Short does just that, gently lifting your rear while targeting your stomach with Level 4 compression. 

Maybe the goal is to smooth just your tummy, as our Seamless 2-Way Shaping Tank does. Level 2 light compression and a knit-in shaping panel provides just the right amount of holding power, with Outlast® temperature control as an added bonus to regulate your body heat. 

Think about your body silhouette when shopping for the best plus size shapewear for your frame. Then consider whether the piece you are looking at works to feature or hide that area.

What’s the Level of Support You Want from Plus Size Shapewear?

Look beyond the surface to the level of control each plus size shapewear garment provides. This really matters when it comes to fit and purpose. Our plus size shapewear comes in an array of compression levels from Level 2, which is Light control up to Level 5, which is Extra Firm

The amount of support you choose should depend partly on the fabric and garment you wish to wear on top of your shapewear. For more loose-fitting garments made of knitwear or silk that often reveal every lump, you may want a lower level of compression that smooths your curves and makes those clothes look even better. For a tighter-fitting piece, like a body-hugging dress, you could consider opting for a higher level of compression that provides even more support and silhouette-enhancing power. There’s no rule you need to stick to, though, so just go with the compression that feels best to you for that occasion. 

The Best Shapewear, Broken Down by Occasion

As with getting dressed in general, you’ll want your plus size shapewear to suit the occasion. We recommend trying the following shaping options along with some fun and flirty plus size outfit trends of 2019.


If you’re looking for an everyday staple, our Ultralight Seamless Shaping Brief with Level 2 compression is some of the best plus size shapewear to set the foundation for your daily look. These briefs are soft and comfortable while providing just the right amount of control.


Office-wear should be pulled together, yet not stiff. We recommend a pair of our slimming work pants, like our Pull On Tummy Control Slim Leg Pant. Wear these with a shaping top, like our 6-in-1 Shaping Tank and a lightweight cardigan. This tank features a customizable compression panel so you can adjust the level of smoothing and shaping that you want, from Level 3 to 5. Add some heels and you’re ready to tackle anything.


Do you have a formal event where you will be wearing a tight dress in a curve-hugging fabric? Consider going for a higher level of support, like a Level 4 or 5 compression for complete smoothing. Our Cooling FX® High Waist Thigh Shaper targets the tummy while providing a supportive rear lift and minimizing any aggravating chafing. It’s some of the best plus size shapewear for curvy women as it highlights your best assets without being overly constricting. Plus, it’s made with lightweight NILIT® Breeze yarns to keep you cool and move heat away from the body even during the heat of summer.  

If you can’t breathe in your shapewear, how are you supposed to feel good about yourself? Choosing shapewear for curvy women that fits to your form is the best way to highlight your gorgeous silhouette and provide a smooth foundation for your wardrobe. Stop by our Yummie Plus Size Shapewear collection to find the perfect shapewear piece for your body!