Let’s face it, women’s black work pants have the potential to be boring. Fortunately, we here at Yummie are committed to making sure that they are not. Our classic styles of comfortable pants for women, which all come in black (plus an array of other colors) are designed for gentle comfort using high-quality, breathable materials that look fabulously slimming as a base layer. 

On their own, they are simple and chic; dress them up, and you will find that these black work pants can go from the office to a fashionable night out. Below, find what goes well with black pants as we suggest five ways to boost your work day (and every day) look.

  1. Pair Comfortable Black Work Pants With a Cozy Cardigan

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been cold at the office...we feel you! There’s nothing worse than leaving the warm sunshine and stepping into the frozen icebox that is your workplace. To combat the overstraining AC, snuggle into a layered outfit that keeps you warm and looks stylish to boot. 

We love pairing our Pull On Tummy Control Slim Leg Pant with a soft tank, like our Lena Nylon Seamless Shaping Tank and wrapping it all up in a longline, knee-skimming cardigan. The Level 4 firm compression of the tank and tummy control panel of the pants give you a streamlined, slim look that helps you tackle the work day with more confidence. A comfortable cardigan always goes well with black pants while making sure you can survive and thrive when the thermostat takes an inevitable dip. 

  1. How to Wear Black Pants and a Colorful Scarf

Add a pop of color to your workday attire while still keeping things professional with a colorful silk scarf covered in florals, animal prints, solids or stripes! Pair a classic womens black work pant like our Fly Front Slimming Pant with a shapewear piece underneath, such as the Ultralight Seamless Shaping Thong for an extra hug of support in your tummy region. 

The scarf will draw attention upward and give some playful contrast to the black work pants. Plus, you won’t have to worry about panty lines as you can be sure your silhouette stays smooth from hip to ankle in these pants. 

  1. Pair the Pants With a Statement Bag 

Have a little fun by pairing an eye-catching black and white striped silk top with your women’s black work pants. A punch of color with a bright red handbag says you are sassy and powerful. Our Milan Cotton Stretch Shaping Legging  is the perfect companion to a pair of black pumps and a colorful accessory. These comfortable leggings easily double as black work pants that enhance your hourglass shape with a 2-ply signature waistband and 360° shaping. Smooth everything underneath with our dreamy Seamless Convertible Shaping Cami

  1. Neutrals Go Well With Black Pants

Keep your look elegant and professional by sticking to neutrals. We love a white base, like our Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit under a crisp white jacket and paired with a tan tote and heels. Your black work pants will provide a lovely contrast to the light, fresh look and you’ll power through any day looking and feeling amazing.

  1. Black Pants and Blazer are a Classic Work Outfit

Ah, the quintessential workday uniform. A pants and blazer combo might seem run of the mill, but not where Yummie is concerned. Pair any of our slimming black work pants with a simple white base, like our Ruby Cotton Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit. Elevate this outfit with a statement blazer, like a brightly colored oversized tuxedo blazer with a waist-accentuating tie.

Discovering how to wear black pants on a daily basis without feeling mundane is truly life-changing. One trick we recommend is laying out some statement pieces, like bags, scarves and shoes and then mixing and matching with neutral staples. With our selection of slimming women’s black work pants as your base, you can be sure to feel comfortable and stylish no matter how you style your look for work!